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So just what is Onpassive?

Onpassive is a rapidly emerging Digital Marketing platform, driven by many new and emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Onpassive has created it's own proprietary software to enable the comprehensive use of AI across many existing products and services and also for those that will be introduced in the future.

The Onpassive platform will enable any online businesses (and almost all offline businesses who use online promotion) to access high end, time saving, automated products, tools and services, to assist and enhance their marketing efforts, ensuring the best possible chance of success for their chosen business.  

Which businesses would use Onpassive services?

online and offline

Onpassive for online and Offline businesses - As mentioned, almost all businesses who promote anything online, or offline, either on their own website, or through other sites, will need traffic to their site or page. If they are not lucky enough to already have a good level of traffic, not sufficiently skilled in SEO techniques, or cannot afford to pay someone else to do their SEO, then they will need or benefit from a "helping hand". 

A website withought visitors will not survive, or one with only a few visitors, will enjoy only a very limited success. The Onpassive Platform will help almost any business to gain valuable exposure and that all important traffic. Any business will have the opportunity to access Onpassive services, whether you be a one person trader, a large company wishing to grow further, an entrepreneur or an inventor, a work at home mum or dad, a used car lot business, a flower seller, a restaurant or bar, a computer software developer, electronics, furniture or a property developer. Onpassive will help to drive traffic to any business and help you to effectively promote any product or service. 

What type of Products and Tools are available from Onpassive? 

Business products and toolsThe aim with Onpassive has been to automate as many marketing functions as possible using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, leaving you to get on with running other areas of your business, or simply to have more time to enjoy being in a succesfull business.

Onpassive members will have full access to the following tools and services:

ROI tools and trackers
Multi Business support
Merchant and Card services
Legal and Compliance Services
Staff management
Calendar and Scheduled services
Office Abroad
SEO services
Daily Funnel
Crowd Funding
Domain name services
Domain Hosting
Contact Management
IP tracking
URL trimming services
Print shop Services
Website building tools and software
Sales Landing Pages

Live event Promotion and Management
Private Inbox services
SMS and MMS marketing and services
Video Marketing
Video Chat
Video Conferencing
Video Email
Flexible Wallets
Liquid Hosting
Mass email (GDPR compliant)
Marketing and Sales Rotators,
Payment Transfers
Viral Sharing
Community Services
Marketplace Commerce
Screen Capture tools
Chat Rooms
Millionaires Club

The above is a growing list and many new features will added over the coming months.

green arrowHow will these products and tools help me?

There are many ways that Onpassive will help your business to grow and prosper. One thing to remember is that your competitors may well be larger companies, or maybe just with "deeper pockets" and therefore with larger budgets to spend on marketing and promotion. They may already be using many of the above types of services to build their businesses. These can be  very costly, even just individually and can certainly add up when more services are used, as the various entire digital marketing functions are carried out.

So, if you want to compete with these companies, to at least put you on a level playing field, you will need to access the same kind of tools and services, if not better and at the right cost. As a member of Onpassive, you will be able to access not just one or two, but all of the above marketing products, tools and services.

Another thing to note is time, or lack of it. Many businesses today are run by one or two persons, or maybe just a very small team. People in these types of businesses simply do not have the the luxury of time to carry all the various marketing functions that are required in the way that they should be carried out.

We therefore need to automate the various marketing processes as much as possible, using todays technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence. Onpassive will greatly increase our chance of success, by enabling us to work smarter.

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Maybe you run a business selling real products or services. Or maybe you promote online business services, or are just a committed online marketer helping others. If you fit any of these, then perhaps this is something that you have been waiting for.

I urge all business people, from all walks of life to do no more at this stage, than just look further at this business and find out more. You may decide that finally, this is a reputable company that really does have honesty, integrity and is something that ticks all the right boxes for you. If you like what you see, become a founder member.


I am an independent promoter and a Founder member of the Onpassive Business

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