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There is an ever growing number of Founder members at Onpassive - currently well in excess of 200,000 members and growing by over 1000 new people every day.

If you are also looking to join Onpassive as a Founder, you may wish to join with an existing Founder, from your same Country, or even the same State, County, City or Town. Your chosen founder will be able to help you at a local level and offer guidance in marketing and promotional activities to help you towards success in your Onpassive venture.

Please browse some of the Onpassive Global Founders Listing pages here >>>


Also, please do not think that Onpassive is only for top, high flying seasoned online marketing professionals. Whilst there are some highly talented, very welcome, experienced people within the Onpassive business that fit that bill, it is not by any means a pre requirement.

The main thing needed at Onpassive is an open and honest desire to help others towards success.....

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